Hiya! Beautiful Soul !

My name is Karla Julissa. Taurus Fierce and Passionate Woman Fire Starter

I am a lightworker, healer and coach for women who are in a relationship and maybe lost the fire a little bit... or maybe the kids are always the priority. If you want to ignite the fire within towards self love and show up as the best version of yourself in your partnership than you are in the right place ! 

I have been married for over 25 years.. and yes there has been a point where I wanted out and at some other point so did he. We have lived first hand some hard situations that we are grateful we experienced. 

My sexy papa and I live in Westchester with our two dogs and our cat and we are excited to share with you our story via our podcast One Love.OneHeart and create a platform to help empower you to not give up and give in to outside distractions or even problems with the offspring- if you love each other and want to stay in the ring for one more round than follow the ride and help share our mission.

One Love.One Heart

From my grateful heart to yours!